Mini Web Agency is a team of highly talented designers and experienced marketers

Our websites help boost your business when you utilize our fantastic crew. Mini Web Agency is well known for our affordable website design as well as our ability to work closely with each of our clients.


We believe when you perform fantastic work, you are able to keep and expand your clientele. We look at each project as a stand-alone job that gets all of our attention so that we create an excellent website every time. We utilize our experience, our creativity, and the newest technology to build to-quality sites that will always bring the result you crave. And because we know that having a wonderful website is not enough, we use all our online tools to market our products and services clients the best possible ways.

why choose mini web


We have a wide range of the world’s best WordPress Website Templates for local businesses that can be launch for you in hours.

100% Satisfaction

Any type of website can be created at MINI WEB. Opt-in pages, service or product pages or complete website for your business.

Clean & Engaging Design

Whether you are getting a new website to refresh the one you have or you need a online presence, get in touch today to get started.


Design and development will respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Speed Optimized

Every website for our clients is optimized to be quick and upload fast.

Conversions & SEO

You don't have to worry about A THING For Top Performing Site In ANY way.

wordpress websites

You Need Great Websites - NOT Headaches! Having professionally designed, top-converting, stable & FAST sites is no longer an option … it’s ESSENTIAL if you want to compete online.

free consultation

Our web designers Edmonton never charge for a consultation. Why not call today! (587) 400.7460.


Without compromising on quality of work, we will create for you a modern and professional site in a fast turnaround time and at very competitive price.

we manage your website

Everything you need to maintain your website with Google analytics, performance, backup, security, updates and SEO monthly reports.

We do even more!

Not only can we create an awesome design for your business, we can also provide associated online marketing to get your more clients through your door.


Website Design

Responsive Website With A Strong Call-To-Action. Whether you are trying to give your brand a new look, or you are hoping to capture a new target market, my mission is to provide you a web design and graphic design solutions...

Logo Design

If you don’t already have a logo, we can create one for FREE for you with your new website design.  If you don’t already have a Logo for your company or organization, or you want to make some changes to your...

Google Maps

According to a study conducted at Cornell University, 80% of all clicks go to the top 3 listings.  Most people only click on websites on the first page of a search engine’s results–including 98% of study respondents.      ...

Social Media Management

In 2019, it’s time to up your SMM game!  We can manage your every day social media.     We also boost your brand awareness and help you build a solid social media presence that will keep clients flowing in. We engage...

Facebook Ads

We take your brand and business to the next level. Designing promotion that sells is the most crucial thing in marketing. If your graphic design is not appealing, then you will not be able to grab the attention of your...

Lead Generation

In the old world, the concept of “lead generation” meant marketing found the names of potential buyers and passed them to sales. Buyers expected that they would have to talk to sales and sales to speak to uneducated early stage...

Content Marketing

MINI WEB is a company made of refined writers, who sole aim is to provide high quality articles to various industries. Such articles are always 100% original and Copyscape free. The articles will be engaging and also keyword-driven.   We streamline...

claim your free demo

Call us, text us (587) 400-7460, email us (contact@miniweb.co) or fill out the Form to get your website demo today (https://miniweb.co/form.


We will design the perfect mobile friendly website for your business in a fast turnaround time.


We will deploy your new website on your domain with our hosting company if you don't have one.


Your website will be fast, SEO optimized and very professionally made for your business.

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