WordPress Website Management
$100.00 / month

We will build and maintain your website for you. Not leaving you on your own to do everything.  Features, articles, service or product pages.

No more fussing over frustrating website issues.  Let MINI WEB help you to keep an eye on your WordPress Website every day so you can take your mind off and focus wholeheartedly on running your business.

  • Make Your Website Your Asset.
  • Save Time (More Smiles).
  • Make A Smarter Choice Today.
  • Say Goodbye To Hassles.

Are you facing these challenges for your company website? 

  • No Time To Do Maintenance
    Are you busy running your business and have no time to manage your WordPress Website?
  • No In-House Expertise
    Your website is getting outdated but no one in your team members has the relevant IT skills to do it.
  • Prefer To Outsource
    Do you find the work of maintaining your website too technical or bothersome for your liking?
  • Too Costly To Pay A Web Developer
    Having to pay a web developer for every single website update sounds too pricey?

Say goodbye to all these problems because we found a way to help you simplify things.

At MiniWeb, we believe every business deserves to have a smooth-running website, day in and out, without you having to take the time and hassle to manage everything on your own – let us take care of things for you. You can count on us for your ongoing website needs starting today so you can win more time and focus for your business.


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