Social Media Management
$295.00 / month

We Will Set Up And Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

There are so many social media platforms online, and it’s hard to keep up with all of them! The set-up process can also be very overwhelming!

If you need help with creating profiles for your business, then we’re here for you! Let us set up and optimize your pages so you can get started, smoothly. Once you have your profile online, then you have a way to let people know that your business exists.

Manage up to 3 social media accounts with 1 post per day – except Saturdays & Sundays.

Platforms included:

  • Facebook and/or
  • Twitter and/or
  • LinkedIn

(Please note: We will need you to provide an email address to use as the username for registering these platforms.

At Mini Web, we are totally committed to creating and managing social media affairs for businesses and individuals alike. We implement relevant marketing strategies that help your business grow and reach your set objectives.

We also boost your brand awareness and help you build a solid social media presence that will keep clients flowing in. Our services are next to none; our extensive wizardry of social media and it’s various ups and downs is a very good metric on why we are your best bet.

We engage your social media profiles actively and use them to keep the best relationships with your clients. Hire with confidence as our team is constituted of only top notch professionals in this field, who take out time to study your company and how best to push it forward.

We are your face on the social media. We are social media experts!


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