Being on Page One in Google (especially the "3 Pack") is EVERYTHING!

Its like having a $10,000 billboard on the busiest highway in town!

Its like spending unlimited dollars on TV commercials 24/7!

Its like running full page ads in the biggest newspapers EVETY DAY!

The best way to get that kind of attention!

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For any local business, the biggest challenge is getting 'Discovered' by customers and clients.


While 'Word Of Mouth' drives some customers to your door, most businesses want to be found in local search... that's what makes all the difference!

So How Does Google Maps Works?


The local 3-Pack can show up as a result of searching something in a specific location with or without adding keywords like "near me" in search queries. Google will assume the GEO location unless otherwise specified.


Getting on Google Maps starts first by listing your business in the Google By Business and having an 100% optimized profile.



In the second image above, note that aside from the 3-Pack on page one, most of the rest of the listings are DIRECTORY SITES, so it's even more important to be in the 3-Pack.


But, just knowing how to update your Business Profile Won't Get You Ranked!


Google now includes other factors into its GMAPS ranking algorythim.

This is actually good news for small and medium sized businesses whose listings otherwise would be overshadowed by large corporations and big chain companies.

BUT, you have to know EXACTLY what to do and HOW to increase your ranking and market your business better on Google Maps

  • Adding PHOTOS alone won't get you ranked.
  • Adding Local Phone ##s alone won't get you ranked.
  • Adding Reviews alone won't get you ranked.
  • Adding Q & A alone won't get you ranked.
  • Adding Citations alone won't get you ranked.
  • Its all nice, but its not enough...

With competition so fierce, with every business fighting for the top spots, with some SEO firms charging a fortune to get YOU in the 3-Pack, we had to find THE new #1 Secret Weapon To Help Our Customers



Being on Page One in Google (especially the "3 Pack") is EVERYTHING!


#1: Its like having a $10,000 billboard on the busiest highway in town!
#2: Its like spending unlimited dollars on TV commercials 24/7!
#3: Its like running full page ads in the biggest newspapers EVETY DAY!
#4: The best way to get that kind of attention!
#5: Continuously Monitor Ranking
#6: First In - First Served

Question Mark   How hard is it to get ranked in the 3-Pack?

For a business on their own, its not easy at all. There's all those businesses in any local area competing for just one of THREE TOP SPOTS. It takes expertise to really have a chance to get in the 3-pack today.


Question Mark

   So What's the solution?

Our "3-Pack Method" is the best solution out there. It puts the power of the numbers game in your favor...and thats good news because IT WORKS!


Question Mark   Can't businesses do this themselves?

Business owners have a business to run... and Google doesn't make it easy to get in the 3-Pack. 


Question Mark   Are there that many site owners that want to appear in the 3-Pack?

Ha! there are tons! Most businesses KNOW how powerful the 3-Pack is to bring clients through their door. But you have to know WHO to contact to help your business rank in Google 3-Pack and you're at the right place.  And because we only work with one business in each city for that niche, it's first come - only one serve.


Question Mark   Will this '3-Pack Method' approach work in ANY NICHE?

Yes, this works in any niche. Of course, some large niches or big cities are more competitive and usually take longer to rank, but thats why we emphasize 'MINIWEB STRATEGY', with our "secret sauce".


Question Mark   How much time does this take?

Depending on size of city and competion factors, it can take between 3 to 8 months to get on 3-Pack.


Question Mark   Do I need to do anything on my end?

No! Not at all. You're getting a GMAPS Specialist Consultant Working-For-You. PLUS we're giving you monthly reports.


Question Mark   What kind of budget do I need?

$497/per month. This really is a 'shoe-string' startup ranking at the best price you can find online.  But you can also go with the FULL SEO RANKING for $897/month to rank in both Google My Business and Google Search Engine.


Question Mark   I'm outside Canada, can this work for me?

YES. Businesses outside Canada can benefit from our system. You can be in the US, United Kingdom, Australia or anywhere else in the world.


Question Mark   How can you afford to do this for so low?

Our SEO team is one of the best around and we've streamlined the whole operation. And, we're expert at custom website design and installation as well.


Question Mark   If It's so Good... Why don't you charge more?

Its Simple... We earn substantially from corporate clients all over the world. Selling local marketing services like GMAPS is our TOP service... So we can offer such low prices.


Question Mark   If it's so valuable, why isn't everyone taking advantage?

Most people that look for SEO agencies are not looking right places; they LOOK, but never really find the right SEO Experts that will help them rank high in Google. Looking and researching becomes an end in itself. If you're ready to get more customers, this could be perfect timing for you.


Question Mark   The website is old, can I still make a go of this?

For sure. We can build for your business a new WordPress website or refresh the one already existing. 


Question Mark   How soon before I see results?

There are many factors that suggest quick results, like the huge number of businesses that want in the 3 pack, the "MINIWEB 3-Pack" process using the GMAPS Method is effective. We've been able to rank clients in a month and others in 3 months. Results will vary on city size and competition.

If You Read Nothing Else Read This

Are you skeptical?

Maybe you're unsure if  our"GMAPS SYSTEM" is everything we say it is...

We understand. If we were in your shoes, we might feel the same way. On the internet, everyone seems to make big promises... but can't always live up to them.

We want to point out the most important differences between us and others.

Our refund rate is close to ZERO for the most recent services. Everyone said we could never maintain that, but we have.

Incredibly we have more tasks to perform to satisfy our customers (you) and yet we maintain a higher satisfaction rate...not bragging, but facts are facts!

So, we're asking you to trust us and know we stand behind our clients, and our services.

We want you to be happy. Try this package out, our SEO Expert team is ready to get you on the first page of Google! That's our promise to you, Stephanie.