Marketing Strategies for Financial Planners

Two of the easiest ways to obtain new business are:

  1. To ask for referrals from current clients.
  2. To dive deeper into your existing book of business to discover new assets at other institutions that you can transfer in.

    ​But when that isn’t enough, you need to expand your marketing efforts and think outside the box.

    ​Here’s 3 digital marketing strategies you can use to develop a marketing program that will work for clients requiring life, disability and critical illness insurance:

​Start a Blog

Starting a blog and updating it regularly (at least once a month) is a great way to showcase your expertise, share helpful information and be found in search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Publishing blog posts on topics that clients are searching for by using keywords helps you be found when clients type those words into the search bar. Having a blog is like having a book, it’s a tangible product that gives you credibility when someone types your name into Google.

Sign Up for Social Media

When you ask for referrals and do cold calls you’re only reaching one client at a time. On social media networks, such as LinkedIn, you’re reaching all of your connections at the same time – with one single action. It’s a much more efficient way to share information and communicate with clients.

As an added bonus social media networks actually suggest new connections for you based on common interests such as location, current and past employers, skills and other connections in common. The phone book can’t do that.

Attend Local Networking Events

If you want to increase your centers of influence one of the easiest ways to meet other professionals in your area is to attend local networking events. Contact the small business owners association and local chamber of commerce in your area to see if they have regular networking events for members.

And for the best return on investment, ​I would suggest another great way: 

Focus on email

​Email might seem old-fashioned, but it still works better than any other channel. Just why is that? Email is personal While there is a lot of buzz around social media, email remains the most personal medium.

The inbox is home turf made even more available with smartphones. The email content needs to be personal and relevant to build trust. Email gets the best return on your time The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that email marketing delivers a return of 4,300%.

The combination of low time investment and good results is very compelling. The increased availability of low-cost email automation makes the email opportunity, even more, compelling. Effective email content builds a relationship with your audience through intriguing subject lines (getting your messages opened), a distinctive voice ( a personality that encourage reading and action), and quality, relevant content.

The right content encourages sharing and referrals. Email is the most natural fit with the traditional financial planner marketing model built around referrals.

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