Are You Doing These Common
Mistakes With Your PPC Advertising?

No good Call-to-Action

Like an “About us" page 

Not mobile friendly 

Not responsive

Not related to the PPC ad

, Optimized Local Landing Page for PPC Campaigns

Bad design

Too many information

Confusing layout

1990’s Design style

Not enough information

Dear Business Owner,

For the past 6 years, our team have been working with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries.

Basically, we partner up with businesses in their online marketing. Our team have been creating websites, videos, funnels and other marketing assets; and manage them to get results that are leads and sales.

Recently, when I was doing a research about PPC marketing campaigns of local business for my PPC ad managing service, I realized a shocking truth…

80% of local businesses are NOT
Using landing pages to drive PPC traffic!

Using a poorly-designed page in a PPC campaign is a WASTE of money…

Competing with others is getting harder and harder nowadays, and when you need to pay more to win a visitor to your ‘online front desk’, you can be out of money to take care of the prospect.

That’s sad, but when someone needs a local service and comes to a website that is lack of information, he will leave instantly.

And as a result, the whole PPC campaign is just like throwing money out of window.

You need to make sure that The pages you’re PAYiNG to drive EACH AND EVERY VISITOR to, have enough information that a potential customer needs.

And Very Very Important, You need to made sure that You Have A Call-to-Action!

, Optimized Local Landing Page for PPC Campaigns

You know, a landing page is not something new these days. It’s an ‘ancient’ thing in marketing world. But not everyone knows how to do it the right way, even after the release of many landing page software.

We’ve contacted several businesses and asked why they didn’t use landing page or at least, a better-looking website.

Guess why?  

Yes, mostly because it was too expensive!

Some ‘website design’ companies are charging hundreds for a single landing page and thousands for a website, which are always beyond the marketing budget of most local businesses.

What If You Can Get An Affordable
Solution To Double Your Conversion?

Can you instantly see a great savings?  And see a big opportunity ahead!

Double conversion means DOUBLE LEADS and SALES with THE SAME money spent.

If you could get a way to have more leads with the same amount of money, would that be any chance for your to be interested?

From our years of experience working to optimize user experience and conversion on websites, we’ve developed a landing page layout that is clean, simple but POWERFUL. It’s proven to convert a confused visitor to a paying customer.

, Optimized Local Landing Page for PPC Campaigns

Remember the business owners who told me they use poorly-designed pages because landing pages and websites are expensive?

I sell landing pages at $97 ☆ $197 and $297 (different price depends on the landing page type).

But how’s that relevant to you?

From one landing page layout, I’ve designed landing page templates for 20 types local businesses.

I’ve also written the ‘sales copy’ to match each business and find free-to-use images (can save you a hundred of dollar and time).

These landing pages are:

  • Designed to convert
  • Super-fast to load
  • Mobile-friendly

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to…

Each Of These Conversion-Boosting Landing
Pages Have Been Designed Following My
Best-Converting Layout

(Click on each image to view in bigger size)

2. You Get Stunning Designs That Convert

, Optimized Local Landing Page for PPC Campaigns

All the pages are designed with user-experience and conversion in mind. They’re:

  • Super FAST to load
  • Fully-responsive
  • Looking good in all devices
, Optimized Local Landing Page for PPC Campaigns

Special Packages





With Video



With Cartoon



With Video and Cartoon

, Optimized Local Landing Page for PPC Campaigns

Each Of These Conversion-Boosting Landing Pages Have Been Designed Following Best-Converting Layout For This List Of Industries

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