40 Things You Don’t Expect To Find In Vending Machines

The person who thought of the vending machine is a genius for 2 simple reasons: you don’t need to hire personnel to man a vending machine like you would a store, and this keeps things in stock and available for the masses, 24/7. While most of the vending machines you are used to would dispense coffee, soft drinks, packaged food and snacks, these days we can find a lot more variety being offered.

Whether it is for convenience, or practicality, or to drive a concept or an idea home, here are 40 things you probably don’t expect to find in a vending machine, but now can.

Live Crabs

Who would have thought that we’d see the day when crabs can be made available in vending machines. And they are alive! Grab one on the go if you are in China.

Source: The Atlantic

crab-vending-machinecrab-vending-machineIce cream

I scream, you scream, we scream for ice cream in a machine. This one is from Japan but you might have come across the ones from Ben and Jerry’s.

Source: Wikimedia

ice-cream-vending-machineice-cream-vending-machinePizza (cooked)

Want to get a steaming hot 9-inch pizza within 3 minutes? Then, keep a lookout for a Let’s Pizza vending machine. Most of these can be found around Europe and lately in America.

Source: Aol


If you are a fan of Uniqlo T-shirts, this vending machine in Harajuku, Japan dispenses the whole line via vending machines. Shame it’s no longer there, though.

Source: Wired


Instant cup noodles aren’t the healthiest of snacks but if you still have a hankering for ramen or udon, this particular machine in Japan dispenses a hot bowl of these noodles complete with meat and veggies. Yummy!

Source: Techeblog


Get fresh baguettes 24/7 with this particular vending machine, thought up by French baker Jean-Louis Hecht who got fed up with his customers knocking on his door on all hours of the day (and night) to get their hands on his delicious baguettes.

Source: Yahoo

baguette-vending-machinebaguette-vending-machineGuitar strings

For when you are on your way to a night gig and realize that your guitar needs a fix. It also dispenses guitar picks and drum sticks. This machine resides in Portland, Oregon.

Source: The Beer Chaser

guitar-strings-vending-machineguitar-strings-vending-machineBike parts

Cyclists will love this particular machine as it dispenses bike parts to replace the ones that broke in yours. You can also get your punctured tyre pumped or grab a quick snack. It first appeared in Brooklyn, New York.

Source: Pop-Up City


Satisfy your sudden midnight sweet tooth cravings with this heaven-sent machine by Sprinkles Cupcakes. The machines can be found in New York, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas.

Source: New York Post


It’s official, fast food cannot get any faster than this machine in the Netherlands. If you prefer having your burger being cooked though, you can try Japan’s burger vending machine.

Source: Complex


When this vending machine first came out in Japan, people went bananas over them. I’d go bananas if I see this machine too.

Source: Tofugu


This vending machine is found in the mountains of the Northern Hyogo Prefecture, Japan and is the perfect way to keep eggs fresh and readily available for the residents there, 24/7.

Source: Tofugu


Healthy and goodness, in a salad, in a jar, in a vending machine. Not all vending machines dispenses fast food. While we’re on the subject…

Source: Daily Mail


Ain’t nobody got time to dress up, fight for reservations, and light candles for some fine gourmet dining no more. Want some roe? Just grab them from the machine and go. More commonly found in upper scale neighborhoods in LA.

Source: NBC News


Is there a reason why this is only found in Germany’s train stations? LEGO has some explaining to do.

Source: i am bored

lego-vending-machinelego-vending-machineDIY Toys

A project built by development specialists Squibbles Ink and toy store Rotofugi, this DIY machine in Chicago allows you to make your own toy.

Source: PSFK


Being the staple food of the Japanese people, this machine makes sense. Why isn’t this machine found in more rice-loving Asian countries?

Source: The Wiki Gullet Project

rice-vending-machinerice-vending-machineFantastic Delites

Love Fantastic Delites crackers? This guerrilla marketing tactic dispenses the snack for free, if you would do the things the machine tells you to do. Check out how the public reacted in this video.

Source: Coloribus

fantastic-delites-vending-machinefantastic-delites-vending-machineFresh Lettuce

Lettuce doesn’t get fresher than this, in this machine in Japan that is. Perhaps this will help encourage more people to eat their greens rather than falling back on processed foods… naah!

Source: Huffington Post

lettuce-vending-machinelettuce-vending-machinePet Food

In order to feed its stray dogs and cats population, Istanbul came up with this vending machine. You slot in an empty plastic water bottle and it’ll dispense food at the bottom for strays.

Source: EarthPorm


If there are vending machines that dispenses beer, why not wine? Now everyone can get their booze, pronto. Pennslyvania first introduced this machine in America in 2010.

Source: Daily Mail

wine-vending-machinewine-vending-machineMashed potatoes

Singaporeans probably loved their tay-toes, mashed and available on the go. Why else would this machine exist?

Source: The Huffington Post


Yes, you heard right. Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company’s vending machine at Cedar Creek, Texas dispenses entire honest-to-goodness Pecan pies.

Source: Team Hall & Nass


Never be caught out in sudden rain again. Just grab an umbrella from this machine and off you go to your next destination. This vending machine is placed around Hong Kong.

Source: Calvin-C


If you aren’t a fan of getting condoms from a supermarket aisle or a pharmacy, this is the perfect solution like this machine that resides outside an Italian pharmacy. Now, there is no reason why you can’t practice safe sex.

Source: Wikipedia


This machine is a must have for all bowling alleys. And the socks should be as cute as these ones from South Korea. (P. S. We hate Mondays too!)

Source: DramaFever


You never know when the bottom of your sole may break under your constant jogs, so being able to just dump the old pair and grab a new pair from this Onitsuka Tiger machine in Carnaby Street, London is a great idea.

Source: Hypebeast

onitsuka-shoes-vending-machineonitsuka-shoes-vending-machineFlip flops

Broke a heel? Overdressed for the beach? Just love walking around in flip flops? This Havaianas flip flop dispensing machine got you covered, in Australia, Europe and Indonesia.

Source: summersinhavaianas


If you are a fan of the Italian brand, this is great for getting an exact replacement of the jeans you love. I said exact because you can’t return purchased jeans once they’re out of the machine.

Source: Annytime


This is a bookstore masquerading as a vending machine – a novel idea indeed. If you are going to be stuck in the airport at the UK or Australia for a while, why not grab a book?

Source: Daily News

book-vending-machinebook-vending-machineUsed Books

A great idea to promote reading, pick up a book from this machine in Canada or drop in one of your own. It’s better than leaving them on your mantelpiece, collecting dust.

Source: Oddee

recycled-books-vending-machinerecycled-books-vending-machineSkincare Products

If you can get it via the store or via the shopping network, why not from a vending machine, right? Keep a lookout for them at any American airport.

Source: Wikipedia


You might have come across a few of these in American airports, since Sephora introduced them in 2010. They are a boon for the female traveller in need of a touch-up.

Source: Imgarcade

makeup-vending-machinemakeup-vending-machineBaby Essentials

Forgetful parents who forget to pack their little one’s diapers (or any other essentials like pacifiers, baby wipes, lotion, powder, etc.) will consider this vending machine a lifesaver. This machine was spotted in Seaworld, Florida.

Source: Strangely Blogging


Not a fan of sending emails? Go old school with envelopes in these vending machines found in Taiwan – stamps included!

Source: midori-japan


Trust the bike-loving Dutch to come up with this very convenient means of transport. The machine allows you to rent the bike from one end and return it at another machine.

Source: Gizmodo


Yes, this is a gold ATM, you know, a machine that dispenses gold instead of cash. The vending machine comes with security measures to prevent robbery, and money laundering. These extremely valuable machines can be found in New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Lisboa, Mendrisio, and Tirol.

Source: Gold to Go

gold-vending-machinegold-vending-machineLast Minute Gifts

Found at the JFK airport in New York, this one is very handy for super-last minute shopping right before you board your flight. Grab items from branded sunglasses and scarfs to cameras and even Beats headphones.

Source: BK Vixen Gone MD


Now before you all get excited over the possibility of smoking pot easily, you need one thing to purchase the weed in this machine: a doctor’s prescription. Also they are only available at certain states where medical marijuana is legal like California and Colorado as well as Canada.

Source: Vancouver 24 hrs

marijuana-vending-machinemarijuana-vending-machineEverything You Can Find In A Convenience Store

Because, why not?

Source: VendTrade


Which items do you find in the vending machines where you live? Tell us in the comments below.

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10 Simple Ways to Make Money with Your Blog Today

With the blog set up, most users look for ways to monetize the blog to at least pay for the site and keep it running. There are multiple different ways but in this video, we will show you 10 simple methods you can use to start making money with your WordPress blog.

Display ads – For this, one of the best starting points would be to take a look into Google Adsense or other ad providers as your site grows in popularity.

Affiliate Marketing – Take a look at some of your favorite products that you would write about for your site and see if they have an affiliate program to pay you for promoting their product or service.

Membership website – Creating a membership website allows you to share your content to your audience behind a paywall and add other incentivizing features for your visitors.

Directory site – List different businesses you would recommend to your users and you can use affiliate marketing or membership with this to gain revenue from this style of site.

Sell an ebook – Take the information you know in a specific subject and gather it together in an ebook to sell to users to help expand their knowledge in that subject.

Become a Coach – There are likely people who want one on one training with a specific subject that you’re knowledgeable about and you can sell one on one training through your website to help them learn.

Sell online courses – This is similar to a membership site but would require more community interaction for answering questions that your community asks about your tutorials.

Sell Products – Set up ecommerce tools on your sites such as WooCommerce or a dropshipping solution so you can sell your products directly to your visitors or look into dropshipping.

Offer freelance services – Offer your services that you use in one profession or similar and have users pay for you to do this service for them.

Work on WordPress – You’ve set up your site on WordPress including articles, a store or similar. You can sell your knowledge to help someone get their WordPress site up and running.

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Our Own Sarah Bird Joins the 2019 Class of Henry Crown Fellows!

Posted by TheMozTeam

Mozzers believe in doing good, whether we’re helping new SEOs learn the ropes, encouraging young girls to consider a career in STEM, or just maintaining a dog-friendly (and thus smile-friendly) office. It’s why so much of our content and tools are available for free. It’s why Moz has a generous employee donation-match program that matched over $500,000 between 2013 and 2017, supporting organizations making the world a more just and charitable place. It’s why we partner with programs like Year Up, Ignite, and Techbridge to inspire the next generation of technology leaders.

And of course, TAGFEE is the beating heart of everything we do. It’s part of our DNA. That’s why we’re incredibly proud (and humbled!) to announce that our very own CEO and Disney-karaoke-extraordinaire, Sarah Bird, has been accepted into The Aspen Institute’s 23rd class of Henry Crown Fellows, a program whose values resonate deeply with our own.

The Henry Crown Fellowship is an influential program that enables leaders to embrace their inner do-gooder. Every year, around twenty leaders from around the world are accepted into the fellowship. Having proven their success in the private sector, each new Fellow uses this opportunity to play a similar role in their communities, their country, or the world.

Pretty exciting, right? The best part of all, though: it’s not just about reflection. It’s about action. Fellows in the program have launched over 2,500 leadership ventures, using the opportunity to tackle everything from improving healthcare access, to battling domestic violence, to enhancing sustainable living, and beyond. It’s important, highly impactful stuff.

“Executives are often criticized for building successful businesses without giving back to the communities that helped them along the way,” says Sarah, “but we must lead as much in our communities as we do in our businesses.”

Tech companies and executives often face deserved scrutiny for the second- and third-order impacts of their successes. It’s a hard truth that the benefits and costs of technology advances aren’t shared equally between all people, and the cost to our environment is often not fully accounted for. The consequence is an understandable backlash against technologists.

“In order to change this,” adds Sarah, “we need to earnestly and with rigor dive into the sociological and ecological consequences of our work. Those of us with great power and privilege need to recognize and embrace our role in creating a more just and healthy future. I feel called to make a difference, and I’m glad there is a program out there to provide a framework and accountability for action.”

Here at Moz, we’ve been lucky enough to benefit from Sarah’s influence for years — we know she’s good people, inside and out. And now, we can’t wait to see her make waves in the world at large with the support of the Henry Crown Fellowship.

We’d love for you to join us in congratulating her in the comments below, and bonus points if you share the cause that’s closest to your heart!

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The Complete Google Marketing Tools List Every Business Should Know About

Google is quite disputed be search marketers all over the world but we can all agree on one thing: Google offers lots of tools and features which can help every business, big or small, to thrive and make the most of their activity. From developer tools to business management and valuable resources, here it is – what we hope to be – the complete list of Google marketing tools. 




We’ve scooped the whole internet to find the most useful and relevant Google tools for everyone who wants to create a good and powerful marketing strategy and a successful business. Here we go!


I. Google Marketing Tools to Monitor& Grow Your Business

Google Analytics
Google Ads
Keyword Planner
Search Ads 360
Google Marketing Platform
Google AdSense
Google My Business

II. Google Resources & Trends

Google Trends
Google Patents
Google Scholar
Google News
Google Play Developer
Google Alerts
Youtube for Business

III. Google Tools for Time & Projects Management

Google Calendar
Google’s Assistant
Data Studio
Google Drive
Google Cloud
Google Contacts

IV. Google Developer Tools

Google Search Console
Speed Insights
Mobile-Friendly Test
AMP Test
Structured Data Testing Tool
Rich Results Test
Google Optimize
Tag Manager
Google Fonts
Google Domains

I. Google Marketing Tools to Monitor & Grow Your Business
1. Google Analytics


Every business that has a website should have a Google Analytics account to track and measure website traffic. It is a paid tool and one of the most widely used tools for website analytics. It has data on users’ demographics, interests, behavior, and more, plus data on acquisition channels for third party campaigns, site traffic and speed, real-time activity.


Traffic increase Google analytics


Most recent updates and integrations with Google Ads and Search Console made it a fundamental tool for every business. You have all the information in one place, which allows you to create better connections regarding your data. You have access to the Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions data in one place, which means more possibilities to discover insights:

find out the most engaging landing pages that bring visitors through organic search;
determine the landing pages which have the highest engagement but lack organic search visitors;
identify the best ranking queries for each landing page and more.


Google Search Console integrated in Analytics


GA helps you track any fluctuations in your traffic evolution, so you can spot any drops or improvements and check furthermore whether there is a connection to Google penalties.


Traffic Drop


Measure overall organic traffic to better understand your users and get insights based on the activity that happens on your website or set up goals to track specific user interactions on site.


The data give you the power to make valuable business decisions.

2. Google Ads


Google Ads (former Google AdWords) is an optional tool that you can use to create advertising campaigns on Google Search, Youtube, Mobile Apps or remarketing on third-party websites. Google Ads is an advertising tool, that works on a bidding strategy. When you create a campaign, you’re allowed to add a landing page and create brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content and generate mobile application installs. You can choose out of three pricing models, based on the type you’d like to use:

pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model for driving traffic to the website;
cost-per-acquisition (CPA) for acquiring conversions (eg. purchases or signups);
cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) for increasing awareness.


The first two pricing models are available for paid search, and the last one can be available only for Display Network campaigns (a large resource of websites, videos, and apps where your ads can appear).


New Ads Dashboard


Google Ads can give you lots of insights on the searched keyword phrases, best performing landing pages, type of visitors and other descriptive information.

3. Keyword Planner


Google Keyword Planner is an important feature from the Google Ads tools. You can use it independently, no matter if you pay or not. There’s a catch though. If you have active campaigns, you’ll get more information comparing to a non-paid account.


Keyword Planner-paid versus free account


It is a keyword research tool, which can be used for getting insights on the terminology used for different topics or keyword ideas, plus search volumes for every country and language, search trend. You have the possibility to apply filters and get only the results you are interested in.

4. Search Ads 360


DoubleClick Search was rebranded under the name Search Ads 360, and it’s an ad serving platform. Unlike Google Ads, Search Ads 360 allows you to distribute and manage ads that appear on other sites you’ve negotiated media buys for.


Search Ads 360


With Search Ads 360, you save a lot of time by managing your ads across engines, make better decisions and increase your Return on Investment (ROI) for search marketing. The tool provides multiple bid strategies, which are more accurate and better targeted:

Conversions: Use CPA or monthly spend to get more actions.
Revenue: Use ERS, ROAS or monthly spend to get the highest revenue.
Advanced targeting: Use ERS, ROAS and CPA targets for a customized strategy.
Clicks: Get the most clicks while meeting a target monthly spend.
Keyword positions: Use this strategy to keep keywords on a certain position or within a position range.

5. Google Marketing Platform


Google Marketing Platform is a suite of tools designed for businesses to have smarter marketing measurement and better results. It is a paid tool and it includes advertising and analytics tools by Google such as Analytics 360, Search Ads 360, Display and Video 360, Tag manager 360, optimize 360 and more. Some of them were presented already, and some of them can be found below in the article.


Google Marketing Platform


Along with the change made for AdWords & DoubleClick, which became Ads and Search Ads 360, Google integrated the new tools into a new platform: Google Marketing Platform to have in one place all the tools that a business needs.

Every business owner and marketer has one major pain point: to better understand their customers. Having all the tools in one place makes it easier to gather all the information and easily compare the information side by side than using different web pages and platforms.

6. Google AdSense


Google Adsense is an easy way to earn money online by placing ads on your website and YouTube channel. If you’re using AdSense, on your website there will be placed ads from advertisers through the Google Network.




Do you know those ads that appear on sites on the right or left side, or on the bottom of the page besides the main content? Some of those ads are served automatically by publishers. You can see text, image, video or even interactive media advertisements which target the audience of the site. Below is an example of such ad:


Ads through AdSense

7. Google My Business


For local SEO you need to register on GMB. Google My Business is connected to Google Maps and here you can add your contact information such as NAP (name, address, phone), website, open hours, photos, posts and a lot more.


Google my business - listing example


The process is simple, create a GMB account, add all the information, choose a verification method, after that use the code you received in the verification step and submit the request. After that, you’ll be able to see your location on Google Maps.

There are several ways to verify your GMB listing:

By postcard
By phone
By email
Instant verification
Bulk verification for more locations.


Whenever you search for a specific company, if it is registered on Google My Business, you’ll find that information on the right side of SERP. Beside the NAP information, you can see Q&A posted by users, popular time visits.


Chocolateria San Gines informatin from Google My Business


Also, you can add your social profiles and see all the reviews from your users, integrated into this snippet.


Social accounts


It is recommended to register on GMB because users can get directions, and this will increase the number of clients that come to your store.

II. Google Resources & Trends
8. Google Trends


Google Trends is a free service from Google that analyzes the popularity of a certain topic/keyword on Web search, News search, Google Shopping or Youtube search. The website uses graphs for displaying information and comparing actions.


Trends for spotify pandora and grooveshark


You can see and compare data across lots of regions and locations around the Globe. There is a time frame available starting with 2004.


For businesses, Google Trends can be very useful for spotting trends and understanding the evolution of certain keywords and search for keywords. You can easily identify seasonal trends, then create content at the right time. Even though we are strong advocates of evergreen content, seasonal content can be an additional traffic boost, which shouldn’t be avoided.

9. Google Patents


Google Patents provides one of the most comprehensive collections of patent data. Patents are a good source for documentation. We’ve used Google Patents for understanding the way Google’s algorithm works and documented a blog post about context SEO.


Google Patents


Bill Slawski is the founder of SEO by the Sea and Google patents master because he can make any individual understand the encrypted world of patents.

I started paying attention to, and looking for new patents from Google after reading on about Information Retrieval based upon historical data, which was written by some of Google’s top search engineers, and focused upon indexing stale content and spam content, and how Google might avoid both.


Bill Slawski
Bill Slawski

Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital

10. Google Scholar


Google Scholar is a free and accessible web search platform that provides a lot of academic literature. Google has a massive collection of resources, which can be a go-to place for case studies or stats for every-day business. You can find articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.


Google Scholar


It is a good place for documenting on a specific topic or field of activity, where you have your business.

11. Google News


It’s a must to keep up with the news, see what is out there. Find out any information that could benefit you and could influence your business. On Google News you see lots of articles based on your regions and language settings. You can see customized headlines, based on your preferences.


Google news


Google News can also be used as a source of inspiration for marketing campaigns, articles ideas, business goals and for implementing new business strategies. Search for any topic you’re interested in, such as digital marketing or business, technology, entertainment, science, sports, science, health.


Google News categories

12. Google Play Developer


Google Play is a digital service that offers a large collection of Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Developers can add that type of content on this digital distribution service.




You need to sign up for a Google Play developer account to create apps using your Play Console. Create an account and pay the $25 registration fee. Go to  All applications > Create application. Then, select a default language and add a title for your app. Type the name of your app as you want it to appear on Google Play.


13. Google Alerts


Google Alerts is a tool for managing your online reputation, by following topics or companies that you’re interested in. There are customizable settings for every alert, based on your preferences.



Google Alerts can be used for companies to receive notifications on specific topics and be up-to-date with what’s happening in your domain of interest. You’ll receive emails every time Google finds an article about a topic you set an alert for.


The tool can be useful for cases when you want to monitor your brand or spot trends, spy on your competitors and find out valuable information for future marketing campaigns. See exactly where your competitors appear (sources), what type of content is promoted, what is the context.

14. Youtube for Business


As a company that wants to thrive in the online world, having a Youtube account is a great asset. For SEO, Youtube can generate more brand awareness and therefore traffic to the website. There are certain situations when the video content has better rankings that the website content.


In the screenshot below you can see that for the query “cronuts with puff pastry” Food And Wine is ranking with the Youtube video on the second position and with the website content on the second page.


Example of Youtube content


Might be an isolated case, might be a real fact. There’s the same content, the difference is that on Youtube it is posted a month later than the article on the blog. The difference, in this case, might be the Domain Authority gained by Youtube in comparison to foodandwine.com. Another great Youtube benefit is the comment section. Comments and user-generated content, in general, are a great asset for SEO.


Long story short, Youtube is a tool that shouldn’t miss from a company’s profile.


Website content vs Youtube

15. Blogger


Similar to WordPress, Google Blogger is a platform for blogs with more limited features. It can help you create a fully customizable theme to fit your blogger style. From simple and sleek to fun and funky, there’s a whole list of themes.




Blogger can be used by anyone who wants to have a blog. Google made it easy to write your posts and to manage them without problems. It’s even easier than WordPress. We all know how important content is, so businesses shouldn’t encounter any issues in achieving that with Blogger.


In 2019, blogging should mean fresh and evergreen content, updated consistently, serving users’ purpose.

III. Google Tools for Time & Projects Management
16. Google Calendar


For every business owner, organizing tasks is very important for management and transparency. Google Calendar is a time-management tool that allows you to schedule every meeting and event and receive reminders.


Google Calendar


The good thing about the calendar is the fact that you can synchronize it with your smartphone and have all your information in your pocket. You can manage your calendars and see the information categorized based on that. Invite guests and send them reminders to the meetings.


Google Calendar meeting


Google Calendar allows you to schedule whatever type of event and integrate other plug-ins and manage time and activity more efficiently. For example if you’re having webinars or meetings, you can use Cisco Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting and more.


Google Calendar Add-ons

17. Google’s Assistant


Google’s Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant available on mobile, smart home devices, smart display, and a lot more. Very easy to use and set up to find whatever you want on search and on your phone (emails, messages, phone numbers, WhatsApp messages and a lot more) by offering us the possibility to make voice searches and personalize our content on Android, even if you’re offline.


Google Assistant suggestions


Google Assistant might be the best fit for every business because it has lots of functions to manage every day to day activity easily and more efficiently. This app helps you perform the following actions:

Find contacts, call, email, send messages on social apps.
Set different actions on your personal phone (set alarm, turn on NFC, turn on Bluetooth, and so on).
Organize your calendar and set up important reminders.
Open apps on your device.
Set reminders for small things. Just say “OK Google, remind me that my car keys are in the kitchen on the counter” and Google Assistant will recall it for you when you ask again.
Listen to podcasts, webinars, songs.


In a fast evolving technology, Google is taking part in history. Google’s Assistant created a lot of buzz through a unique demonstration at Google I/0. The made an actual call to a salon for a haircut appointment.


18. Data Studio


Data Studio makes it very easy for business owners to visualize data and make it accessible and useful, so your team or clients understand and find the information faster. There are three steps for setting up your dashboard:

Start your project and connect to all your data source to turn your data into informative reports. Connect to multiple Data Sources within one report.
Customize your data by choosing a layout and themes, select metrics and apply your settings to visualize the data.
Share the report with the people who are interested.


Data Studio


Data Studio allows you to tell great data stories to support better business decisions. It works best for creating reports and visualizing the evolution and the changes for every business. It has a few awesome templates which can be used.

19. Gmail


Gmail can be a great support for getting your business emails and creating filters. For setting your work email on Gmail, go to Settings » Accounts and Import » Check mail from other accounts (using POP3). After that, you need to add your email address, password and add the email settings.


Gmail - Send email as


Other than that, Gmail is great for setting filters and getting only the information you want without polluting the inbox section. There are lots of actions which can be applied, depending on the type of email you get:

archive it;
star it;
apply a label;
forward it;
delete it;
never send to spam;
always mark it as important;
never mark it as important;
categorize it.


Gmail filters

20. Google Drive


Google Drive is a storage platform where you could save Docs, Sheets, Lists, images and other information that you think is valuable for you. It is very easy to use and can be synchronized with your smartphone to keep your data. You can store files on their up to 15 Gb for free.




Save business information, statistical data, presentations, documents, Excel files and whatever you want.

21. Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a suite of cloud computing for secure storage and lots of useful integrations, such as data analytics products. Works very well with Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Drive. The service boasts with high security whether you build, create, code or store.


Google Cloud Platform


When you first sign up for an account, Google offers $300 for free to experiment with different products over a period of 12 months. There are endless solutions to use Google Cloud:

Move to cloud by transferring everything.
Use the hybrid option which allows you to work with open container-based services.
Try the API management platform.
Connect IoT devices.

22. Google Contacts


Google Contacts is a contact management tool that allows you to keep all your contacts in one place and add email, phone number, job title. Apply labels for more filtering options and a more segmented list.  


Google contacts


23. Hire


Finding the right candidates can be hard. Google developed Hire, which helps small to medium businesses to share jobs, identify candidates, build a relationship with them and attract them to the company. It uses an applicant tracking system making the recruiting process easier and more engaging.




It has 4 management sections included:

candidate activity, where you have all your candidate information in one place.
candidate relationship management.
candidate sourcing where you can distribute jobs.
G Suite integration

IV. Google Developer Tools
24. Google Search Console


Google Search Console provides valuable information regarding organic traffic, website performance and issues. Every webmaster should register their website into Search Console to have an accurate image of their users’ activity, especially because it’s a free to use service.


Google Search Console


Search Console can offer valuable information that will help you get lots of insights. You can set up the next actions:

Check indexability status for any page and see issues related to that;
Check mobile usability for any page you’d like;
Look at the top keywords that bring traffic to your website;
Get a list with the most clicked pages on your website;
See the Index Coverage report with all the pages on your site that Google bots tried to crawl and index, along with all the issues;
Troubleshoot issues for AMP, mobile usability, and other search features;
See top linking sites;
Verify manual actions and security issues;
See sitemaps that Google has found on your site, and submit new ones.

25. Speed Insights


SpeedInsights is a testing tool that gives you recommendations to make your website load faster. Analyze the website and get instant results based on the mobile and desktop version.   


PageSpeed Insights


The loading speed time is very important for user experience and can easily influence all future actions for a client. Every website should be verified and implement the recommendations. The improved PageSpeed Insights gives you directions on:

The server response time (TTFB) which translates into the time the server it takes to show you that information on the site you entered from SERP.
How to optimize and reduce image size without affecting the visual appearance.
Minimize the render-blocking JavaScript and CSS and structure HTML accordingly.
Verify the Browser Cache Policy.
Optimize the Field Data (insights about the content there is on the screen and the JavaScript execution).

26. Mobile-Friendly Test


Mobile-Friendly Test is a stand-alone tool, which can give extra information beside Pagespeed Insights for mobile. It is mandatory, not even optional to have mobile-friendly websites if you want to thrive in your business. The web has more and more mobile users. Creating websites that are mobile friendly will make them suited for other devices and improve performance.


Mobile Friendly Test


Add the domain URL, and the testing tool will analyze it. The results will say if the website is mobile friendly or not. For the second situation, the tool will give you some directions. Implement the instructions and run the test once again.


Page is not mobile friendly

27. AMP Test


Since we’ve talked about mobile optimization, you can AMP to rank better on mobile. Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project designed by Google to make websites load faster and rank better in Google for mobile devices.


AMP is built for speed. Special design, effects and features are not important in the accelerated mobile page. There are three steps to setup AMP:

Create your AMP pages;
Validate your AMP pages;
Make your content discoverable.


You need somebody with technical experience to setup AMP. Before finding somebody, you can test your AMP pages through the AMP testing tool and see what’s the status. The tool shows you if you have valid MAP pages or, on the contrary, the tested page doesn’t have AMP settings.


Valid AMP page

28. Structured Data Testing Tool


Structured Data Testing Tool helps you discover if the markup data is implemented correctly. It is the easiest way to view a result from your data and check if you set them right. Structured data markup is used by a website to make Google understand better the content on a page.


Test your structured data


You’ll have to add the URL to the page that has structured data implemented and check it. After the analysis is over, the tool will be detected and let you know if it has any errors, warnings and items. In case you’ve done some wrong markup, then you’ll be able to see exactly what the issues are. Check out the next printscreen to see a wrong markup structured data setup. Instead of the actual name of the product is the URL.


Structured data testing tool amazon


Bad implementation and abusive structured data use will trigger the Structured Markup Penalty by Google. Make sure your website complies with the quality guidelines and the markup information is showing ok in SERP.

29. Rich Results Test


Rich Results Test is a tool that analyzes your public page to see which rich results can be generated by the structured data it contains. Below you can see an example of a page for Pink’s concerts.


Rich Results Test


The page is tested and for each Rich results, you get the number of warnings, if there are any. In our case, we found warning for some optional fields, such as:

Missing field ‘performer’
Missing field ‘endDate’
Missing field ‘description’
Missing field ‘image’.


If you have a website that uses or wants to use rich snippets for helping the user get to the most relevant shortcuts on the website, then rich snippets are a great integration. But, it’s important to generate them correctly.

30. Google Optimize


There are two versions, Google Optimize which is the free version and Optimize 360 which is a premium testing. It is an integrated tool that offers A/B testing, website testing and tools for small businesses. Optimize helps every business to test and deliver more personalized experiences on the site.


Google Optimize


You can use data from your accounts and there are three options available:

Integrate Google Analytics and use only the data you have there to identify the sections from your site that need improvements.
Use advanced methods through the Bayesian statistical methods to react to the real-world performance of your experiments for more accurate results.
Select sophisticated targeting tools to test the right experience for your customers at the time moment.


There are many situations and templates you could use for offering the right experience to your users. For example, you can create customized messages at checkout or redesign your homepage and a lot more.

31. Tag Manager


Tag Manager is a system created by Google for a simpler way to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on websites. The nice part of the tool is the fact that it gives you information on whether the tag is applied correctly or not. It is easier to install the Tag Manager than editing site code every time you want to add HTML/JavaScript snippets to your website.



You can add a tag from lots of Google tools, such as Analytics, Ads, Search Ads 360, Optimize, Google Surveys and a lot more or even customize. For each tool you’ll have a snippet that you need to add to header.php file.


Google Tag Manager

32. Google Fonts


As the name says it, Google offers a library of licensed fonts. The interactive web directory allows to add fonts in your account and use APIs for conveniently using the fonts via CSS and Android.


Google Fonts


Google Fonts is an open-source and 100% free for commercial use. Download fonts for free or embed them in your website easily by selecting the fonts you like. You even get directions on how to add them on your website. Choose fonts that load fast to embed them into a webpage.


33. Google Domains


Google Domains helps you register for a domain, build a site, have web hosting and create a personalized email. The offers start at $12 per year depending on the domain ending or top-level domain and has no additional cost for more domains.


Google domains dahsboard


You have to search for a domain to see if the one you want doesn’t already exist. Google domains provides powerful tools and free integrations to have painless management of your domains and lets you choose how much personal contact information you share.




Either you’re trying to create editorial calendars, want to hire new members to your team, create friendly websites, make money online with your website and for your business, track results, create blogs, generate visitors through video and monitor your brand, there are lots of Google tools suited for every business.

30. Google Contacts


Google Contacts is a contact management tool that allows you to keep all your contacts in one place and add email, phone number, job title. Apply labels for more filtering options and a more segmented list.  


Google contacts


32. Hire


Finding the right candidates can be hard. Google developed Hire, which helps small to medium businesses to share jobs, identify candidates, build a relationship with them and attract them to the company. It uses an applicant tracking system making the recruiting process easier and more engaging.




It has 4 management sections included:

candidate activity, where you have all your candidate information in one place.
candidate relationship management.
candidate sourcing where you can distribute jobs.
G Suite integration

33. Google Domains


Google Domains helps you register for a domain, build a site, have web hosting and create a personalized email. The offers start at $12 per year depending on the domain ending or top-level domain and has no additional cost for more domains.


Google domains dahsboard


You have to search for a domain to see if the one you want doesn’t already exist. Google domains provides powerful tools and free integrations to have painless management of your domains and lets you choose how much personal contact information you share.


Either you’re trying to create editorial calendars, want to hire new members to your team, create friendly websites, make money online with your website and for your business, track results, create blogs, generate visitors through video and monitor your brand, there are Google tools suited for every action and business.

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Think you know the best page & website building tools? Check out this list

Web designers have relied on the advantages website- and page-building tools offer. They save them time and money and make it easier for them to achieve high-quality results.

As you would expect, these tools have improved year by year. But during the past year or two improvements have been particularly dramatic. It only makes sense to look for the top tools on the market as we go into 2019. With so many good ones on the market, finding the best of the best website builders can be a challenge. Especially for beginning designers.

In this article, we present the most popular website-building solutions. We hope to help you find a tool that will best fit your needs.

1. Elementor

Elementor is the ultimate website builder for WordPress 2 years in a row. With over 2 million active installs there’s very little Elementor can’t handle.

Elementor is fun and easy to work with. And it’s also quick, Elementor doesn’t fill your site with shortcode hell, your website will run with clean code and the best part is: zero coding needed.

Very quickly, you’ll understand how to drag and drop elements, edit text, create fun animations, and design beautiful websites.

Elementor is packed with powerful features built to supercharge your workflow: Navigator, Finder, Theme Builder, Marketing Widget, Visual Form Builder, Header & Footer builder are just of the features, that set Elementor above other builders.

Other features include a Custom Fonts, Countdown Timer, Star Ratings, Reviews, WordPress Custom Fields Integration, a WooCommerce Builder, and with Version 2.4, the Elementor Popup Builder, this is just the beginning Elementor releases a new killer feature every month

Now you can do the development, marketing and design simultaneously, save production cost and time and design better looking websites faster than ever before.

2. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise offers several advantages that many of the more popular website builders do not. Since it’s an offline builder, designers aren’t tied down to a particular platform, they are free to select their own hosting provider, and this website-building tool can be used in any manner they choose.

Mobirise is also based on Bootstrap4 or Google AMP technology, making it practically guaranteed that any site built with it is going to be user friendly and super-fast.

The package features a selection of 1,500 trendy design blocks and website templates together with a huge collection of Google fonts, icons, and free images.

Everything is drag and drop and no coding is required, nor are any special design skills needed to work with Mobirise. Best of all, Mobirise is completely free to use for both personal and commercial uses – with no strings attached.

3. Portfoliobox

Portfoliobox is an online website builder that will be an excellent choice for creative professionals and beginners alike, and for that matter anyone looking for a website-building tool that can enable them to create attractive websites featuring exceptionally well designed portfolios.

Portfoliobox can be used with any theme, it’s flexible and easy to use, and no coding is required.

The Portfoliobox team offers a Free plan and a Pro plan.

The free plan provides hosting for 10 pages, 10 products, 30 images; enough for a small website, and definitely enough to understand what this website building tool can do for you.

With the Pro plan you can host up to 1,000 images, an unlimited number of products, pages, and blog posts, a personal domain, Google Analytics, and custom CSS and JS. A free student plan is also available. All plans include the complete selection of Portfoliobox design templates.

4. 8b Website Builder
8b website builder8b website builder

The 8b website builder provides another good example of the benefits you can expect when using a futuristic website-building tool with an easy to work with and super-simple UI. 250+ website sections and 16 starter templates that come with the package should be enough to get any project off and running.

Since 8b is Google AMP-based your site will be 100% mobile-friendly and super-fast.

The 8b website builder is free throughout its launch phase.

5. Webflow

This all-in-one platform enables designers to design, build, and launch a fully customized and responsive website, powered by a client-friendly CMS and with super-fast hosting – all without any need for coding. You can also use Webflow for prototyping and ecommerce website development, again without any need for code. Start your project from a template, a blank canvas, or any number of community-created and supplied UI kits. Oh, and it’s totally free to get started. You only need to pay when you’re ready to host and launch.

6. WP Page Builder
wp page builderwp page builder

WP Page Builder is a modern front end visual page builder featuring a user-friendly interface together with a cool collection of state-of-the-art design elements.

No coding or design skills are needed to work with this 100% drag and drop page builder. WP Page Builder is extremely flexible, and it can be used with any theme.

7. Quix – Joomla Page Builder

Quix is the first Jooma-based page builder comes with real-time SEO analyzer and image compression out of the box. This visual page builder is responsive, it’s been optimized for speedy page loading, and it also has a real-time SEO analytics feature and its own header and footer builder.

A large selection of Google fonts, icons, design blocks, and layouts is included in the Quiz package.

3 Key Tips Will Help You Build a Successful Website
1. Make your site mobile responsive

Once a suggested option, making a website responsive become mandatory. Today, a majority of shoppers make purchases over their cellphones. Over 90% use smartphones while shopping to compare prices.

2. Always place your contact information above the fold

If people want to contact, you or your business you can make it easy for them. Do so by placing your contact information above the fold. If you use social media, placing links at the header or footer serves the same purpose.

3. Respect the need for speed

Busy shoppers have next to no patience with website pages that are slow to load. They simply can’t tolerate them. Nor will they stick around long if your website is simply too buggy.

Make every effort to keep your site running smoothly. Ensure that videos and images are optimized for faster downloads. Make sure the host can handle your site’s bandwidth demands.


There are so many website builders on the market. Thus, finding one that will best fit your needs can be a challenge. Especially if you’re relatively new to the website-building game.

Our selection of these 7 top website and page builders will helpfully narrow your search. You can select a flexible, powerful, and easy to use website or page-building tool.

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Huge Google Update – Florida 2.0 Is Rolling Out! Massive Rankings Fluctuations

Over the last few days, there has been a lot of buzz about possible Google algorithm updates. And yes, it’s true that Google updates its algorithm every single day, often multiple times per day but this update seems to be significant. And moreover, it is confirmed by Google on March 13. 


Florida 2.0


Number 13’s infamy will probably explode even more now, but you need to know that the most recent Google Update started on 12 of March, continued in force on the 13 of March and the rankings fluctuation seems to continue as you’re reading this.


A Confirmed Google Broad Core Update


Leaving modesty aside, we did spot the update before Google making the official announcement and before all the buzz in the SEO world. No, we do not have psychic powers, but we do have a super powerful tool: cognitiveSEO Signals


cognitiveSEO signals


While we are aware that search results are different around the world, in different regions, and in different languages, and changing search results is almost a Google trademark, the rankings fluctuations were really high on lots of countries. The daily updates that typically occur in SERP don’t compare to this one in any way. And this time, Google officials also confirmed what the data already told us.


This week, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before. Please see these tweets for more about that:https://t.co/uPlEdSLHoXhttps://t.co/tmfQkhdjPL

— Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) March 13, 2019


Of course, a lot of buzz did not delay to appear on the social media channels, with people complaining about big high volatility as well as dropped traffic and drops. 


I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Ian Fleming (the guy that wrote the James Bond series of novels and short stories) byword, but it’s somehow bitter funny how it applies to our current situation.

Once is an accident. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.

Tweets google update

It’s clear that we cannot talk about coincidences at this point as people all over the places are facing rankings fluctuations. 

Seeing less Positions, Impressions and Clicks cut in half from countries where my site shouldn’t show up. Surely will see less bounces from total site =)@JohnMu @rustybrick @dr_pete pic.twitter.com/dlkVQrOy3u

— amagnacco (@amagnacco) March 13, 2019


Massive Drops in Search Position Examples


As we don’t like to take anything for granted, we researched and double-checked on real case studies to see how the current update impacted businesses from all over the regions. We used the cognitiveSEO Rank Tracker to easily check and analyze some keywords and their rankings. 

We found some massive drops in rankings on commercial keywords with high search volume. Below you can see some screenshots with just some the search position drops we’ve identified. 


Rank Tracking Florida 2.0 example 4


We couldn’t find any increases in rankings for the moment, yet this doesn’t mean that increases didn’t occur. I’m sure that in the following days we’ll better understand how this update impacted the Google ranks and as the law of nature works when someone goes down, someone else goes up. 


Rank Tracking Florida 2.0


We’ve done the research on several countries and languages to find out that Florida 2.0 is clearly a global update that affects websites regardless of the country, region or country. 


Rank Tracking Florida 2.0 example 2


Rank Tracking Florida 2.0 example 5


What is also important to notice is the amount of keywords websites have lost their rankings on. We’ve found just a few situations were the websites declined in SERP on just a few keywords. Most of the analyzed websites faced drops on half or maybe more than half of the keywords they were interested in ranking for. 


florida 2.0 keywords dropped


For the moment we cannot draw a conclusion on what the March 12 Google Update actually targeted: links, content, intent, all together, something else? There could be a commonality between the websites affected by this update, yet, further research needs to be done. But keep still, here at cognitiveSEO we are a bunch of geeks who like doing in-depth researches so most likely we’ll come back with more details on what Florida 2.0 is all about. 


How Can You Spot Google Updates Before Everybody Else


The truth is that Google doesn’t always disclose updates and algorithm changes. Or, being a bit nasty, we might say that Google rarely makes public its rankings updates. That’s why there is also a lot of buzz and confusion every time someone from the SEO world notices something out of place in SERP.


How did we find about the update before Google making any official statement?


It started with a mail. A notification actually from cognitiveSEO Signals, cognitiveSEO’s tool that spots Algorithm changes in real time.



signals notification


Checking the tool on several countries, positions, and changes, we realized that there is actually something big going on and for sure the biggest fluctuation from the last 5 months for several countries like US, UK, Australia, India, several countries in Europe and so on.


What You Need to Do


The short answer is: it depends on who you’re asking.


If you’re asking Google, the answer you’ll get is :


There is nothing in particular to “fix,” and we don’t want content owners to mistakenly try to change things that aren’t issues. 


According to the same big G officials, a broad core update means that Google is not targeting any niche or any particular signals, like quality. In a broad core algorithm update, Google is not targeting anything. There’s no “fix” for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages. And as with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded….


Of course, as with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. Yet, if you’re asking any SEO Pro or webmaster who is very concerned about his website ranking high, well it is hard to do nothing while your ranks are dropping. 


We are not saying that you should look for issues on your website where they are not, or to start changing stuff just for the sake of the algorithm update. Yet, there are some actions that you can take. 


Check that your site is performing well from an on-site point of view

Check how well optimized & relevant your content is

Check your link profile

Check your SERP positions

Keep an eye on the Google Algorithm Updates


And yes, you can check everything by using only one tool: the cognitiveSEO toolset. 


Desktop vs Mobile Rankings Fluctuations


There is no secret that mobile searches in Google are constantly growing from one year to another. And therefore, Google’s interest on mobile search market is increasing as well. What is very interesting to notice is that when it comes to ranking fluctuations, the mobile SERP is way more volatile than the desktop one. 


US mobile vs desktop fluctuations


If the current algorithm (named Florida 2.0) is the biggest Google fluctuation on desktop from the past five months, when it comes to the mobile market, the situation is completely different. Dozens of fluctuations and lots of volatility can be easily observed on the screenshots taken from the UK and USA mobile vs. the desktop search market. 


UK mobile vs desktop fluctuations


Why Is This Google Update Named Florida 2.0?


If you’re checking the WebmasterWorld Forum or read SEO Pros opinion on this Broad Core Update, you’ll see that it is referred to as the Florida 2.0.


Where is all that coming from? 


Well, Google Florida was the first major algorithm update and it was released in November 2003. This, of course, was the first significant update in what would become a decade filled with huge updates. Regardless of what it was called, Florida hit in the middle of the holiday shopping season targetted highly commercial terms. As you can imagine, lots of pages and businesses have been wiped out from Google’s SERP.


As you might tend to think that these two updates are similar in the way of rolling, what they actually have in common is the name. Google Updates were always given names by the search industry; it was not Google’s officials who named their updates Fred, Penguin or Panda.  And the Florida update was named this way due to the fact that it was released around Pubcon Florida SEO conference taking place. History repeats and with the update and the conference taking place in the same month, Florida 2.0 came naturally. 


How about you? Did you encounter any ranking or traffic fluctuation? Let us know in the comments below!


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How Google Dishes Out Content by Search Intent

Posted by TheMozTeam

This post was originally published on the STAT blog.

In the STAT whitepaper, Using search intent to connect with consumers, we looked at how SERP features change with a searcher’s intent — informational, commercial, transactional, or local. It was so chock-full of research that it sparked oodles of other content inspiration — from the basics of building an intent-based keyword list to setting up your own search intent project, to Scott Taft’s guide to building your own search intent dashboard.

But while doing the research for the whitepaper, we found ourselves pondering another question: is there a similar relationship between search intent and the kind of page content that Google sources results from?

We know from our study that as searchers head down the intent funnel, the SERP feature landscape shifts accordingly. For example, Google serves up progressively more shopping boxes, which help close the deal, as a searcher moves from awareness to purchase.

So, as consumers hunt for that perfect product, does the content that Google serves up shift from, say, category pages to product pages? To get to the bottom of this mystery, we mounted a three-pronged attack.

Prong 1: Uncover the top SERP players

Since Google delivers the content they deem most helpful, figuring out who their SERP favs are ensured that we were analyzing the best performing content.

To do this, we used the same 6,422 retail keywords from our original research, segmented them by search intent, and then gathered the top 12 results (give or take a few) that appeared on each SERP.

This gave us:

6,338 informational intent results,35,210 commercial intent results,24,633 transactional intent results,and 10,573 local intent results

…to analyze the stink out of. (That’s 76,754 results all told.)

From there, we dug into root domains (e.g. eBay.com and Amazon.com) to uncover the four most frequently occurring businesses for each search intent category.

We made an executive decision to exclude Google, who claimed top billing across the board, from our analysis for two reasons. One, because we attribute shopping boxes and images to them, which show up a lot for retail keywords, and two, because they aren’t exactly a competitor you can learn from.

Prong 2: Identify content page managers

After compiling the winningest sites to snoop on, it was time to see what kind of content they were offering up to the Google gods — which should’ve been easy, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, examining URL structures for frequently occurring page markers is a somewhat painful process.

Some sites, like Homedepot.com (who we wish had made the list for this very reason), have clean, easy to decipher URL structures: all product and category pages are identified with a “/p/” and “/b/” that always show up in the same spot in the URL.

And then you have the Amazon.coms of the world that use a mix of seemingly random markers, like “/s?rh=” and “/dp” that appear all over the place.

In the end — thanks to Stack Overflow, SequelPro, and a lot of patience — we were able to classify our URLs, bringing us to our third and final prong.

Prong 3: Mash everything together and analyze

Once we got all of our ducks in a row, it was time to get our super-sleuth on.

Informational intent (6,338 results)

This is the very top of the intent funnel. The searcher has identified a need and is looking for information on the best solution — is a [laptop] or [desktop computer] the right choice for their home office; what’s the difference between a [blender] and a [food processor] when making smoothies?

Thanks to the retail nature of our keywords, three product powerhouses — Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy — rose to the top, along with Wikipedia, whose sole purpose in life is to provide the kind of information that searchers usually want to see at this stage of intent.

Although Wikipedia doesn’t have page markers, we chose to categorize their search results as product pages. This is because each Wikipedia entry typically focuses on a single person, place, or thing. Also, because they weren’t important to our analysis: while Wikipedia is a search competitor, they’re not a product competitor. (We still love you though, Wikipedia!)

Diving into the type of content that Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy served up (the stuff we were really after), category pages surfaced as the preferred choice.

Given the wide net that a searcher is casting with their informational query, it made sense to see more category pages at this stage — they help searchers narrow down their hunt by providing a wide range of options to choose from.

What did have us raising our eyebrows a little was the number of product pages that appeared. Product pages showcase one specific item and are typically optimized for conversion, so we expected to see these in large quantities further down the funnel — when a searcher has a better idea of what they want.

Commercial intent (35,210 results)

When it comes to a commercial intent query, the searcher is starting to dig deeper into the product they’re after — they’re doing comparative research, reading reviews, and looking into specific functionality.

Here, Amazon continued to rule the URL roost, Wikipedia dropped off, eBay judo-chopped Walmart out of second place, and Best Buy stayed put at the bottom.

In terms of the content that these sites offered up, we saw the addition of review pages from Amazon, and buyer guides from Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy. We figured this would be the case, seeing as how we used modifiers like “best,” “compare,” and “reviews” to apply commercial intent to our keywords.

But while these two types of content fit perfectly with the intent behind a commercial query, especially reviews, oddly enough they still paled in comparison to the number of category and product pages. Weird, right?

Transactional intent (24,633 results)

At the transactional intent stage of the game, the searcher has narrowed their hunt down to a few best options and is ready to throw their hard-earned shekels at the winner.

As far as the most frequently appearing sites go, there was a little do-si-do between eBay and Walmart, but overall, these top four sites did an excellent job following searchers down the intent funnel.

In terms of the kind of pages appearing, once again, we saw a huge number of category pages. Product pages made a respectable showing, but given the readiness to buy at the bottom of the funnel, we expected to see the scales tip in their favor.

Alack and alas, no dice.

Local intent (10,573 results)

Technically, we categorize local intent as a subsection of transactional intent. It’s likely that the only reason a searcher would be considering an in-store visit is if the product is something they want to take home with them. But because local searches typically surface different results from our other transactional queries, we look at them separately.

Here, Amazon’s reign was finally usurped by its biggest competitor, Walmart, and Yelp made a stunning first appearance to knock Best Buy down and eBay off the list.

Given that local intent searchers are on the hunt for a brick-and-mortar store, it made sense that Walmart would win out over Amazon. That said, it’s an incredible feat that Amazon doesn’t let a lack of physical location derail its retail dominance, especially when local is the name of the game (a location is literally part of these queries).

As for Yelp, they’re a trusted source for people trying to find a business IRL — so it wasn’t surprising to see them jump on our local intent SERPs. Like Wikipedia, Yelp doesn’t have product or category pages per se, but they do have markers that indicate pages with multiple business listings (we classified these as category pages), as well as markers that indicate single business listings (our product pages). We also found markers for reviews, which were a perfect fit for our analysis.

Finally, when it came to content, category and product pages (again!) showed up the most on these SERPs. So what’s going on here?

The (unexpected) takeaway

When we set out to examine the type of content that appears for the different search intents, we expected to see far more variation from one level to the next. We thought we’d find lots of category pages for informational intent, more reviews and buyer guides for commercial intent, and mostly product pages for transactional intent.

Instead, we found that category pages are Google’s top choice for retail keywords throughout all levels of search intent. Regardless of how specific a query is, category pages seem to be the first point of access when hunting for retail items. So why might this be?

Looking to our winning sites for answers, it appears that intent-blended pages are the bomb dot com for Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Best Buy.

Their category pages contain: an image of each type of product and short, descriptive copy to help searchers narrow down their options (informational intent); a review or rating system for quick comparisons (commercial intent); and pricing information and a clear way to make a purchase (transactional intent).

Following any of the items to their designated product page — the second most returned type of content — you’ll find a similar intent-blended approach. In fact, by having alternative suggestions, like “people also bought” and “similar products,” appear on them, they almost resemble category pages.

This product page approach is different from what we often see with smaller boutique-style shops. Take Stutterheim for example (they sell raincoats perfect for our Vancouver weather). Their product pages have a single focus: buy this one thing.

Since smaller shops don’t have a never-ending supply of goods, their product pages have to push harder for the transaction — no distractions allowed. Large retailers like Amazon? They have enough stuff to keep searchers around until they stumble across something they like.

To find out what type of content you should serve at each step of the intent funnel, segment your keywords by search intent and track which of your pages rank, as well as how well they convert. This will help reveal what your searchers find most useful.

Ready to get your mitts on even more intent-based insights? Grab the full whitepaper: Using search intent to connect with consumers.

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How to Manage Automatic Backups in Android like a Pro

It is no secret that prevention is better than care, and backing up your crucial data is the best prevention against data loss. Android — being the best mobile platform — packs in native backup options and numerous third-party solutions as well.

However, do you know that you can easily use its backup options to your benefit? Well in this post, I’m going to explain about both backup options — Android’s native backup as well as Google’s cloud sync — to help you efficiently use them.

Once you set up both of them, you will have a powerful backup solution for backing up and protecting your data from accidental loss. And you can configure them as well. Let us begin.

How to manage Android-based backups?

Android packs in a built-in backup feature, which backs up app data, contacts, and more to Google Drive. You can find it under Settings > Backup & reset. On this screen, you will find all the options of the native backup.

Backup & reset options in AndroidBackup & reset options in Android

You must check that the backup is enabled. Once you confirm it, you can click Google account to configure its settings. Here, you must enable the toggle named Back up to Google Drive to set up the auto-backup feature.

Backup manually to the Drive

Optionally, you can click Back up now to perform a manual backup. For example, if you need to switch the phone and you wish to back up the latest data before making the switch. Alternatively, it is also useful in a situation wherein you are connected to a high-speed network and wish to backup manually.

Backup manually to Google Drive in AndroidBackup manually to Google Drive in AndroidCheck the backed-up app data

Additionally, you can check the active backups made by Android. You can tap App data to check the apps whose data is being backed up. Also, you can toggle the option Automatic restore to enable or disable the feature to auto-restore the app data (for all apps) when you reinstall an app on your device.

Auto-restore the app data in AndroidAuto-restore the app data in Android

However, some apps do not support the feature of backing up their app data. The reason being it takes some effort from an app’s developer to support this feature, which is not taken by every developer. This screen proves useful since you can confirm if your favorite app supports backing up app data.

Check backup data in the Drive

Although you cannot check or download the backed up data by yourself (since it is managed by Android and Google) yet you can check the connected apps and delete their backed-up data to free up some space. First of all, open the Google Drive for Web in a browser, click the gear icon, and choose Settings.

Open Settings in Google DriveOpen Settings in Google Drive

Then, you will see its Settings. In its dialog window, click the option named Manage Apps from the left panel. Finally, you will see the apps backing up data to your account; however, you may not see all the apps. You can click the OPTIONS > Delete hidden app data to delete an app’s backed-up data.

Manage apps connected to Google DriveManage apps connected to Google DriveHow to set up Google apps’ sync options?

In addition to the native backup feature, Android supports a cloud sync feature as well, thanks to Google. Since Google offers a plethora of apps and services and one usually prefer using them on Android, one can easily back up a variety of data to its cloud servers using the sync feature of its apps and services.

Of course, you require to install and use those apps if you wish to sync almost all types of data. For example, if you have installed Google Keep, then you can sync Keep notes; or say if you use Play Games, then you can sync Play Games Cloud Save, which allows one to back up one’s progress in the installed games.

You can check this feature by heading over to Settings > Accounts > Google. You will see all the types of data you can sync to the cloud: just toggle the options to enable or disable them. If you find a toggle missing, you need to find its Google app on the Play Store and install it, and you will see the option thereafter.

Configure Google apps' sync optionsConfigure Google apps' sync options

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9 Surefire Ways to Boost Social Media Following

In our noisy, fast-paced, digital world, social media is the megaphone that amplifies everything.

Good thing, too, because today, brands are struggling to gain followers who respond to their content and offers.

Social media is about human connection.

Think about it, hundreds of thousands of new business start up each month, and nearly all of them are trying to carve their own social presences. And even if only a few are in your specific market, you’ve still got A LOT to compete against.

But having a successful social media strategy can mean the difference between your business succeeding or not.

With a strong social media presence, you’ve got a warm audience that’s primed to click.

So it makes sense that one of the most important parts of your organic social media strategy is building and nurturing your social following (after all, if nobody knows who you are, then nobody will buy from you).

How do you do that? Here are 9 ways to boost your social media following fast—and grow your business while you’re at it.

1. Be Human

I’m not just talking about passing those “I am not a robot” tests.

Social media is about human connection.

It’s where people go when they’re lonely or bored—to find encouragement, inspiration, or a good laugh. Which is why you need a social strategy that’s more human than corporate.

And yes, that’s important even if you’re a B2B business. Businesses are run by people, after all.

Being human is about being real. It’s about being personal. It’s about engaging with your followers as people rather than targets for your next campaign.

Take Red Bull, for example. They don’t talk much about their energy drinks, but they don’t have to. By telling stories about their partner athletes, their message comes across loud and clear: Red Bull will help you do the incredible things other people only dream about.

Check out any of their content, and you’ll see real people having adventures, experiencing life, and overcoming the odds. Their energy drink is almost an after-thought. But dang… don’t you want one?

Screen shot of Red Bull YouTube Social posts

Red Bull’s YouTube channel motivates, inspires, and entertains by showing you what real people are doing.

TIP: Find creative ways to promote people on your social media accounts—both the people behind your brand and those who use your products.

2. Stop Being So Perfect

Ryan Deiss recently posted on LinkedIn, “Don’t deny your failures, don’t spin them; linger in them and learn from them.”

“Don’t deny your failures, don’t spin them; linger in them and learn from them.”
–Ryan Deiss

Most people don’t care if you make a mistake. They do care about how you respond to those mistakes. Do you try to pretend they didn’t happen, or do you own them?

KFC decided to own their mistake. In early 2018, a new delivery provider didn’t do their job, leaving hundreds of UK locations short on their primary offer: chicken. There was nothing they could do to fix the situation and all of the restaurants were forced to shut down for a few days.

Pretty embarrassing, right?

Fans were livid. Competitors were laughing. And some jumped on the opportunity to win over unhappy KFC customers.

In response, KFC ran a full-page ad, apologizing for the mistake by rearranging the letters of their name—probably expressing everyone’s feelings to a tee.

Image of KFC Bucket with altered "FCK" label

KFC ran a full-page ad in The Sun and Metro acknowledging their mistake.

This is a great example of not being perfect… and running with it. KFC proved they have a sense of humor and a willingness to acknowledge everything they do, the good, bad, and the ugly.

TIP: You will mess up. Royally, at times. When it happens, you will help boost your social media following if you call it as it is: You screwed up. You failed. You’re sorry. Then wipe up the mess and move on—most likely with fans who admire your honesty.

3. Share Better Content

The winners in social media marketing aren’t just scheduling posts and curating information. They’re sharing professional-quality content developed specifically to boost social media.

“Better” content is designed for the channel where it’s posted.

This content is funny, fascinating, and emotionally charged. It leaves people wanting more, not scrolling faster to avoid “branded” content—because let’s be honest, it’s more interesting than the political posts their friends are sharing.

The key is understanding “better.”

“Better” content is designed for the channel where it’s posted. But regardless of the format—text, graphics, or videos—it aims for quality over quantity. It’s personal and unique. It’s social.

Take White House Black Market. Their Facebook page is as simple and stylish as the boutique.

Instead of one picture of this season’s dress, it gives you a montage of the dress, letting you see it in several settings.

And when appropriate, it mentions a current event. As it does here, paying tribute to a fashion icon.

The point is to be intentional—engaging with and entertaining your fans, so they eagerly come back for more.

TIP: To create better content, make sure it “looks” like your brand. Use the highest quality imagery and your best writing. Create campaigns where a series of posts all follow the same theme.

4. Use Live Videos

One of the best things about social media is its immediacy. If something’s on your mind, you can share it right here and now using live videos.

Done right, this can have a huge impact on your brand, attracting new fans and cementing your relationship with existing ones.

Chris Brogan is the perfect example of this. He’s a master of using media and community to attract customers.

Chris’s Facebook Lives range from 53 seconds to 8 minutes, but most are in the 2-minute range. Some are recorded on his phone as he takes out the trash. Others are done at his desk. All of them have profoundly helpful tips for his fans.

TIP: Think of your live videos as a channel within a channel. Create a show with a specific value offer—like 3-minute tips to solve your audience’s biggest problems. The key is to be in-the-moment and share something valuable.

(NOTE: Want to make sure your social media strategy is helping to grow your business? Download our FREE Social Media Scorecards and you can quickly find out what’s working and why, so you can do more of it! Learn more here!)

Social Media Scorecards

5. Do Something Worth Talking About

Going viral can be good or bad. United Airlines lost customers when the “United Breaks Guitars” video went live. But if you’re smart and creative, you can get people talking in a way that’s good for your public perception—and hopefully for sales too.

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign is an example of an emotionally charged social media campaign that got people talking about body shame and beauty.

You can also do something silly to get people talking. KFC created a Colonel Sanders cat climber and aired 4 hours of livestreamed cat action.

The key is to understand your audience. You can aim for tears or laughs or both—as long as you’re relevant.

TIP: To create a unique campaign for your brand, think of the #1 expectation people have of your brand. It might be entertainment, beauty, health, profits… or something else entirely. Once you’ve identified that quality, think of a message or event you could put together to get people’s attention. Make sure it’s shareworthy and gets people talking.

And remember, a viral campaign may repel as many people as it attracts. But that’s okay. Your biggest fans will find you. Think Nike’s “Believe in Something” campaign with Colin Kaepernick.

6. Do a Giveaway

Giveaways are an easy way to get people’s attention. You can give away:


The key is to understand your audience.

Tickets to an event
Product bundles
Gift cards
Or anything else you know your fans would love

You can ask for entries to sign up, have your followers share a hashtag, leave a comment on a blog post, or send you an email. Whatever helps you reach your goals and grow your social strategy.

And you don’t even have to have the details figured out before you run with it. This giveaway by Bert’s Barracuda Harley-Davidson is a great example of that:

The key is to design your campaign to achieve a specific business goal.

TIP: Identify your goal for the giveaway, then decide what you can give away. Consider using an app like KingSumo to run the campaign. Then reward entrants for sharing the giveaway so you get as much reach as possible.

7. Offer Free 1-on-1s

Free consultations could qualify as a giveaway, but they’re unique enough to warrant a separate discussion.

While giveaways work well as lead-generation campaigns by bringing new prospects into your funnels, free consultations help you move prospects further along their Customer Journey—often leading to conversions.

(RELATED: The Customer Value Journey Explained in 800 Words or Less)

Consider offering an audit or a chat about your follower’s #1 challenge. You can take unlimited responses (especially if you have a team to do the calls), or you could limit it to the first 20 responders.

Then ask people to do something to qualify—like sharing a post on their social media, promoting your brand with a unique hashtag, or answering a question.

People perceive an expert’s time and advice as more valuable than a high-ticket product. So simply offering your time can build a huge social following fast—especially if you build in a reward for sharing the offer like you would with a classic giveaway.

TIP: Be sure to ask winners to post a “thank you” in social media, telling their followers what they learned from you.

8. Do Q&As

If you’ve got a well-engaged community, consider doing regular Q&A sessions.

You can offer “office hours,” a specific time set aside each week for people to write in their questions. Or you can ask people to submit their questions when you announce an upcoming Q&A session.

Regardless of how you structure them, Q&As can build your community, boost engagement, and quickly establish you as a thought leader.

This live stream with Steady Horse’s Noah Tillman-Young is a good example.

Still from a facebook video post

TIP: In addition to asking your fans for their questions, brainstorm your own list. That way, if you don’t have a lot of participation, you can keep the Q&A going between live questions.

 9. Ask Their Opinion

You don’t always have to answer questions to build a strong community. You can ask questions instead.

No one does this better than copywriter Bob Bly. Every day, he shares something he’s seen, read, or thought. Sometimes he shares his own opinion, but he almost always asks for yours.

With this approach, Bob’s Facebook profile has essentially become a daily newsletter. It’s also grown his following faster than average—from zero to 5,000 in just a few short years.

Here’s a typical query:

He may also ask for input, as he does here:

Q&A responses from a Facebook post meant to boost social media following

TIP: As you read your emails and browse the web each day, look for interesting factoids that are worth sharing. Then follow up by asking your followers what they think, what their experience has been, or how they’d respond.

Being social isn’t an afterthought. It’s how you attract and engage with your best customers. So it pays to have a strategy for attracting new fans and building engagement.

(NOTE: Want to make sure your social media strategy is helping to grow your business? Download our FREE Social Media Scorecards and you can quickly find out what’s working and why, so you can do more of it! Learn more here!)

Social Media Scorecards

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40 Creative Remakes of The World Map

If you don’t have the pleasure to be a student in a geography class where the teacher can draw an entire world map from memory (plot twist: the teacher is a History teacher, according to the comments), then it’s safe to assume that geography is probably not your favorite class

That’s fine, we’re not here to give you a geography lecture, but in this post, you will be looking at a lot of world maps.

The good news is that the world maps you will be seeing are beautiful and creative remakes done by talented designers out there. Keep in mind that as far as accuracies are concerned, these designers flex their creative license muscles as much as they can, and you’ll probably admire what they have created.

World Map Typography

This world map is illustrated using the names of the countries, to indicate where the countries are.

Image Source: crzisme

World Map TypographyWorld Map TypographyAyuda en Acción Annual Report 2014

It’s a sun-themed annual report depicted in a world map.

Image Source: relajaelcoco studio

sun-themed annual report world mapsun-themed annual report world mapKid’s Playmat

This world map is made as a playmat for kids displaying various animals, icons and landmarks.

Image Source: Dangerdom

Kid's Playmat world mapKid's Playmat world mapAcross the Globe

It isn’t a complete world map and yet this charming remake is just so beautiful to look at.

Image Source: MUTI

Across the GlobeAcross the GlobeColor

A full-page illustration for an airline magazine, this world maps seems like it was designed with a lot of colorful fabric or paper.

Image Source: Darren Booth

Color world mapColor world mapWatercolors

I like the whimsical carelessness behind the creation of this world map. The color combination is also so amazingly perfect.

Image Source: iPrintPoster

Watercolors world mapWatercolors world mapWorld Travel Decor

A grey world map displayed on a piece of sackcloth. Adventure really awaits.


World Travel DecorWorld Travel DecorPaint Splatter

A gorgeous paint splatter world map.

Image Source: This is Why I’m Broke

Paint Splatter world mapPaint Splatter world mapFabric Wall Decal

This map can help kids to learn different landmarks. It is a great addition to any children’ room.

Image Source: Mia Viljoen

Fabric Wall Decal world mapFabric Wall Decal world mapBeer For All Seasons #7

As far as I understood, ‘Around the World in 80 Beers’ is the name of a bar in Manchester.

Image Source: Owen Davey

Beer For All Seasons world mapBeer For All Seasons world mapGeometric

It’s an abstract world map made in polygon / geometry style.

Image Source: JR Schmidt

Geometric world mapGeometric world mapVector Dotted

A dotted version of the world. This is available as a free pSD file too.

Image Source: Othmane Machrouh

Vector Dotted world mapVector Dotted world mapMoving Office

This nice rose map illustrated the move (of a one-man office) from Latvia to Southeast Asia.

Image Source: Agris Bobrovs

Moving Office world mapMoving Office world mapOh, The Places You’ll Go

This gorgeous map made with fabric in grey and blue is an awesome pick for a nursery.

Image Source: LilChipie

The Places You'll Go world mapThe Places You'll Go world mapArtistic Flair

Can’t help feeling that this beautiful mash of orange and blue should be on a wall somewhere.


Artistic Flair world mapArtistic Flair world mapAbstract Paint

These seemingly random but beautiful colorful splashes create a world map. Do you see it?

Image Source: Michael Tompsett

Abstract Paint world mapAbstract Paint world mapCanvas Art Print

One more vivid abstract world map for the living room, made on five canvases.

Image Source: ExtraLargeWallArt

Canvas Art world mapCanvas Art world mapFloral

It’s a world map made with a floral texture. I bet it smells good too.

Image Source: WishfulPrinting

Floral world mapFloral world mapRainbow Colors

The map is featuring all the colors of the rainbow here. It’s a happy world.

Image Source: Maraquela

Rainbow Colors world mapRainbow Colors world mapMetro

I wonder how long it’ll take to get from Paris to China by the tube.

Image Source: artPause

Metro world mapMetro world mapGlobe Necklace Map

This cute half-globe necklace features a world map in rainbow colors.

Image Source: JanelleRaeJewelry

Globe Necklace Map world mapGlobe Necklace Map world mapFlying the World

This is a map from an advertising campaign of National Air Cargo. The message behind it is that they deliver worldwide.

Image Source: Turrino Advertising

Flying the WorldFlying the WorldWooden Globe

This world map is a laser cut wood wall art made from birch plywood.

Image Source: Jude Landry

Wooden GlobeWooden GlobeSketchy World

This is how the world looks in a sketch. It illustrate different cultures around the globe.

Image Source: Anika Mottershaw

Sketchy World mapSketchy World mapTricks of the Trade

This is a world map for Afisha MIR magazine displaying features of particular countries are famous for.

Image Source: Maria Zaikina

Tricks of the TradeTricks of the TradeFeature Over Borders

This psychedelic map on a pink background superimposes features atop countries and their borders. You’re not sure where something starts or ends.

Image Source: David Kingsbury

Feature Over Borders world mapFeature Over Borders world mapFedex: USA-Brazil

Amazing yet simple idea of showing how easily you can send a package with Fedex anywhere you want.

Image Source: adgoodness

Fedex world mapFedex world mapNilofar Bano’s World

The map is created for a brand Indiatimes which features trending stories from India.

Image Source: Aneesh Jaisinghani

Nilofar Bano's World world mapNilofar Bano's World world mapWallpaper

This world map is made of small pixels in different shades of blue. The author created it as a desktop wallpaper.

Image Source: gio0989

Wallpaper world mapWallpaper world mapPixel Avatar Map

This is a detailed map from a well-known movie, Avatar. The map was created using only MS Paint.

Image Source: ykansaki

Pixel Avatar MapPixel Avatar MapA Refreshing Map

This is the impression of a world map on the inside of the coffee cup. Next up, telling fortunes from coffee grounds.

Image Source: Rob

A Refreshing MapA Refreshing MapWind Rose World Map

Located in Lisbon, Portugal is this world map with the routes of famous Portuguese explorers. The mosaic was a gift from South Africa in 1960.

Image Source: www.GlynLowe.com

Wind Rose World MapWind Rose World MapLight up

That’s a lot of smokes to create a world map.

Image Source: Cath Levett

Light up world mapLight up world mapOh, The Places You’ll Go (v2)

Here is another version of a world map illustration for a nursery, in gorgeous colors.

Image Source: LilChipie

The Places You'll Go 2The Places You'll Go 2 Tapestry

This world map print canvas was created out of careless watercolor brushstrokes.

Image Source: ThestoryoftheFall

Tapestry world mapTapestry world mapGrunge Wall Art

This grunge effect world map would be an awesome addition to a study.

Image Source: TRMdesign

Grunge Wall Art world mapGrunge Wall Art world map Necklace

Can you imagine a world on your neck? This is an amazing detailed world map on a silver necklace.

Image Source: IvyByDesign

Necklace world mapNecklace world mapSoft Colors

This awesome gradient on white canvas world map would be the perfect decoration for a bedroom.

Image Source: PaperStormPrints

Soft Colors world mapSoft Colors world mapFinal Fantasy VII

Not a map of our world, but one of the Final Fantasy VII world.

Image Source: Ahvia

Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VIICaricature Map of Europe 1914

This is a political caricature map depicting different nations in the alternate world history of the book Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.

Image Source: Keithwormwood

Caricature Map of Europe 1914 world mapCaricature Map of Europe 1914 world map

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